Douglas Hofstadter – Metamagical Themas (1985)

Our brains have become so flexible that much of their time is spent in dealing with their own activities, consciously or unconsciously.

…It is quite possible for people filled with self-doubt to recognize this trait in themselves, and to begin to doubt their self-doubt itself.


Douglas Hofstadter – The Mind’s I (1981)

There will be some crossover point where hot and cold are equally likely. It will then be like flipping a coin. (This quantum water faucet is sadly reminiscent of many a bathroom shower.)

from the reflections on H. Morowitz’s 1980 article “Rediscovering the Mind”


Alan Lightman – Dance for Two (1996)

But we cannot have advances in technology without an accompanying consideration of human values and quality of life.

…Perhaps we each must think about what is truly important in our lives and decide which technologies to accept and which to resist. This is a personal responsibility. In the long run, we need to change our thinking, to realize that we are not only a society of production and technology but also a society of human beings.

Rumi — The Soul of Rumi (2001)

is the art of making what’s

blocked start moving again. When your body dies, give
it to the death angel,

Israfil. If your heart feels numb and metallic, walk out
into the sun, or whatever

the mystery is that makes your inner spring well up.

Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre (1847)

As for me, I daily wished more to please him; but to do so, I felt daily more and more that I must disown half my nature, stifle half my faculties, wrest my tastes from their original bent, force myself to the adoption of pursuits for which I had no natural vocation.


Daniel Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011)

The same sound will be experienced as very loud or quite faint, depending on whether it was preceded by a whisper or by a roar. To predict the subjective experience of loudness, it is not enough to know its absolute energy; you also need to know the reference sound to which it is automatically compared.


Carl Sagan – The Demon-Haunted World (1995)

Despite plentiful opportunities for misuse, science can be the golden road out of poverty and backwardness for emerging nations. … The corollary, one that the United States sometimes fails to grasp, is that abandoning science is the road back into poverty and backwardness.