image use

All of the images published on this website are original work by me, Veronica Y. Hoffman, unless otherwise noted.

You may share my web-sized photographs (unaltered) for personal or non-commercial educational use, as long as you provide proper credit and a link back to this website. You may credit my photographs to me as Veronica Y. Hoffman, or Nicki Hoffman, or, on Twitter, @Arestelle. You may not use my photographs to train ML/AI software for any purpose.

If you want to use my images in a commercial manner (directly or indirectly), check with me. You may not use my images for commercial purposes without my explicit permission. That includes, for example, posting my images on a site that has ads from which you make money (or aim to), or using my images in promotional material of the place they depict.

Prints of some images are available at Fine Art America / Pixels, and you can view those here under the Shop link; if an image you’d like a print of is not yet available at FAA, feel free to contact me and for most images I can make them available. If an image is too small from cropping or has recognizable people in it, I won’t be able to offer prints. I also have older shops at Zazzle and RedBubble, but I have limited time to update those and may scale them back; FAA / Pixels is my primary shop these days.