image use

All of the images published on this website are original work by me, Veronica Y. Hoffman, unless otherwise noted.

You may share my web-sized photographs (unaltered) for personal or non-commercial educational use, as long as you provide proper credit and a link back to this website. You may credit my photographs to me as Veronica Y. Hoffman, or Nicki Hoffman, or, on Twitter, @Arestelle. You may not use my photographs to train ML/AI software for any purpose.

If you want to use my images in a commercial manner (directly or indirectly), check with me. You may not use my images for commercial purposes without my explicit permission. That includes, for example, posting my images on a site that has ads from which you make money (or aim to), or using my images in promotional material of the place they depict.

If you’d like a print of an image, feel free to contact me and for most images I can make them available. If an image is too small from cropping or has recognizable people in it, I won’t be able to offer prints. I have shops at Zazzle and RedBubble, but I have limited time to update those and may scale them back. I had a shop at Fine Art America / Pixels for a while, but due to low engagement there and poor support and policies on their side, I no longer use them.