These are just a few programs that I made for fun when I was quite new to Python. They’re all runnable at my Python Anywhere page, since that’s where I put them before I knew anything about AWS or the like; they’re linked individually below.

P.S. Meso
Generates “mesostic” poems in the style of John Cage. Python/Django, original (link) coded in April 2013, refactored version (link) in December 2014.

A team at Penn used this as a model when developing their own (JavaScript, I think) Penn-hosted mesostic generator for use in Al Filreis’s awesome MOOC, ModPo. Historical aside: they refer to it as a “mesostomatic” – that was the name of the mesostic generator originally used in ModPo, which was written by Matthew McCabe, worked a little differently, and which McCabe took down sometime after the first run of ModPo. Which last point, in turn, prompted me to try my hand.


Be a “writer” of “infinite originality” – generates Dadaist poems a la Tristan Tzara. …i.e., a word scrambler.


Password generator
Generates a 10 – 15 character password including at least one each lowercase, uppercase, and numeric character. Involves a truly unreasonable amount of scrambling.


Al Bhed (de)coder
Encodes/decodes text using the Al Bhed cipher from Final Fantasy X.