Résumé – Nicki Hoffman


I am a backend software engineer based in Denver, Colorado. More important than the technologies I already know is my experience learning new languages and software – because I can, because they’re new, and because they might make me better at the ones I already know. If I were not doing what I am, I hope I’d be doing something even nerdier.


Software Engineer, Bitly, 2019-present
Backend engineer on the data insights team; contribute to systems for improved data quality and availability.

Skills: Go, GCP, MySQL, Redis, Terraform, REST, JSON, Bash

Software Engineer, Arable Labs, Inc., 2016-19
Backend developer supporting compact weather and crop sensor devices. Built and maintained APIs for users, front end, and devices; refactored and expanded command-line admin client; designed and implemented: automated behavior and data quality tests for devices in factory, wrapper API for internal access to database, and automated csv data exports; contributed to defining and implementing access permissions defaults and enforcement.

Skills: Python, AWS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Serverless, Flask, Luigi, REST, JSON, Docker, Bash

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, 2015-16
TA for three courses, two in computer architecture and one on algorithms & theory of computation; held office hours, co-led recitations, moderated course forums, graded assignments & exams; helped develop a C programming assignment and created its grading test suite.

Skills: C, Java, “LC-4” Assembly

Web Editor for The WeatherVane, Eastern Mennonite University, 2003-05
Modified website layout code; expanded a text-only Smarty template into a suite supporting many article styles; published weekly issues to the website.

Skills: HTML, CSS, XML, Smarty templating, Photoshop


Master of Computer and Information Technology, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
J. Presper Eckert Fellow, 2014-15
Graduate teaching assistant, 2015-16
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Lewis & Clark College, 2008
Graduated summa cum laude
Phi Beta Kappa, 2008
Mary Stuart Rogers Scholar, 2007-08
Dean’s Scholar, 2006-08
Board member & contributor, The Literary Review, 2007-08
Webmaster, The Pioneer Log, 2006-07
Web assistant to Dean of Students Office, 2006-07
Eastern Mennonite University, 2003-06
President’s Scholar, 2003-06.
Web editor & developer, The WeatherVane, 2003-05
Semester abroad, restorative justice focus, Fiji & New Zealand, 2005
Senator, Student Government Association, 2004
Contributor, The Phoenix, 2004


arestelle.net, 2018-19
WordPress, AWS Lightsail, SES, PHP, CSS, HTML
Personal website with a customized child theme; custom post types and taxonomies supporting a quote blog and bibliography separated from standard posts; plugin and theme modifications supporting a photography blog with (almost) auto-populating EXIF data and custom filters.
Search engine, 2016
Java, AWS EC2
Team web systems project to build and integrate the basic components of a search engine (crawler, indexer, PageRank, and UI/front-end engine). Contributed the indexer and a custom MapReduce framework used by the indexer and PageRank components.
“Hit by the Beat”, 2015
Python, scikit-learn, Million Song Dataset
Team ML project to predict song popularity from audio features; contributed a model that achieved 72% recall on test data and precision well above random, with features selected using cross-validation through Scikit-learn.
Pebble temperature app, 2015
C, C++, JavaScript
Team project, an app connecting a Pebble smart watch with an Arduino (plus sensor/display); app displays temperature, last-hour stats, etc., to the watch and Arduino display based on user input.
“Bugs” Interpreter, 2015
A recursive descent parser that constructs abstract syntax trees representing programs in a custom language and an interpreter to execute the program represented by an AST, displaying graphical elements in a simple GUI.
Reverse assembler, 2014
A disassembler for a simple theoretical ISA; parses binary files to decode instructions, populate simulated memory, and output the resulting program as an Assembly file.
P.S. Meso, 2013-14
Python, Django
live program | Github
An online poem generator that reads through user-inputted source text and creates a “mesostic” in the style of John Cage; was adapted with modifications for hosting on Penn’s servers & adopted for use in the MOOC that inspired it, “ModPo.”


CIS 555
Internet & Web Systems (2016)
CIS 521
Fundamentals of AI (2016)
CIS 530
Computational Linguistics (2015)
CIS 519
Intro to Machine Learning (2015)
CIT 596
Theory of Computation (2015)
CIT 595
Computer Systems II (2015)
CIT 594
Programming Languages & Techniques II (2015)
CIT 593
Introduction to Computer Architecture (2014)
CIT 592
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (2014)
CIT 591
Programming Languages & Techniques I (2014)
CS 171
Computer Science I (2008)
Phil 101
Introduction to Logic (2007)
Math 171
Discrete Mathematics (2005)